Lunesta 2 mg


Lunesta 2 mg is a whitish, round, film-coated pill used for the treatment of symptoms of insomnia and anxiety disorders. ‘S191’ is generally engraved on one side of the pill.

Lunesta of 2 mg is classified as a sedative-hypnotic drug that contains eszopiclone medication in it. Eszopiclone is responsible for producing a soothing sensation and calmness in the brain that helps to counter insomnia and panic attacks.

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Lunesta is also classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance, that is, a substance with high therapeutic values as well as a high risk of abuse.

Regular use of Lunesta 2 mg may result in side effects that include drowsiness, euphoria, sleepiness, hallucinations, confusion, depression, memory loss, sleepwalking, agitation, and anxiety. That is the reason why sometimes the doctor prohibits driving and doing hefty work during medication.

Lunesta 2 mg is usually prescribed to be taken just before sleeping to maximize its effects. As Lunesta 2 mg has a tendency to put the patient in a state of euphoria, it is usually misused and abused for personal pleasures. Misuse may lead to overdose, addiction, or even death. So always buy Lunesta as per the prescription.

Lunesta of 1 mg and 3 mg are also available in the market for public use.

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