Restoril 15 mg

Restoril 15 mg is widely recognised to treat the symptoms of insomnia and sleeping disorders. Pills of Restoril contain temazepam, a benzodiazepine that affects the brain by slowing it down to some extent and calms it. Due to these effects of Restoril, the patient is able to get a good sound sleep.

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Apart from 15 mg capsules, Restoril is also available in the 30 mg variant. In general Restoril, 15 mg capsules can be described as maroon and pink capsules, with the pink body imprinted ‘FOR SLEEP’ on it and a maroon cap imprinted with ‘RESTORIL 15 mg’ twice.

Restoril 15 mg is a sedative, hypnotic drug and is labelled under Schedule IV controlled substances. Having said that, Restoril should always be taken with a doctor’s advice. The patient also needs to follow the prescriptions strictly, as this medication has a high risk of abuse and dependency.

Some side effects observed after using Restoril 15 mg are headache, hangover, tiredness, nausea, nervousness, memory problems, mood swings, agitation, etc. A doctor’s consultation must be taken immediately if these side effects continue.

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