Sonata 10 mg

Sonata is a hypnotic and highly popular in the market to treat people with sleeping problems. Doctors prescribe this when other medicines failed to show their effect. Prolong period of usage without permission can slow down your breathing. Sonata 10mg is clinically intended to cure insomnia.

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Sonata 10 mg is a short-term medicine and the doses should not exceed more than 5 weeks without your doctor’s permission. If you are not experiencing good results within 7-10 days then ask to change the doses or ask for alternatives. Take it before going to bed, remember not to crush, chew or break it. For dosing information follow your doctor’s directions, and read the instruction sheet carefully. Drinking alcohol with Sonata could cause death.

Side effects of this medicine could be short-term as well as long-term. If you have symptoms of hallucination, confusion, anxiety, depression, loss of coordination, numbness, or drowsiness call the emergency helpline immediately. Avoid taking this medicine if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Sonata 10 mg can cause a negative impact on your baby. Do not drink alcohol to reduce the risk of death. Store the medicine in a safe place away from heat, rain, and moisture. People with heart and kidney problems should not use this medicine.

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