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The generic drug Oxymorphone hydrochloride is sold under a brand named Opana ER. It is an Opana Extended-Release tablet. It is directed to manage extreme pain. This medicine is being used when an around-the-clock opioid pain reliever is needed. Doctors suggest to buy Opana ER online when other painkillers can not help them to endure pain.

Using this medicine regularly for a longer period will lead to addiction. This is a controlled medicine as it has a high chance of abuse.

Oxymorphone was first produced in 1914 by Germans. It was used in 1959. Seeing the risk of abusing it, the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration), USA banned it in 2017. But This is still available in the USA market and can be bought only with the prescription of a licensed doctor.  NuHeals is the right platform, from where you can buy the medicine easily.

Doses Available –

This has various dosages, like;

Opana ER 5 mg :

This is the lowest available dose of it. It is a round-shaped dark grey-colored medicine. E 612 5 written on it.

Opana ER 7.5 mg :

This is a dark grey-colored medicine in a round shape. It has written 71/2 on one side and E on the other side of the tablet.

Opana ER 10 mg :

Opana ER 10 mg pill is orange-colored, eight-sided shape, and 10 is written on one side, plain on another side.

Opana ER 15 mg :

It is a white-colored, round-inn shape tablet that has 15 and E written on two different sides.

Opana ER 20 mg :

This tablet is round-shaped and light green. It is marked with E on one side and 20 on the other side.

Opana ER 30 mg :

A round-shaped red-colored tablet, E and 30 written on different sides it is Opana ER 30 mg.

Opana ER 40 mg :

This tablet is round-shaped and light yellow colored. It has E written on one side and 40 on the other side of the tablet.  This is the largest dose of Opana ER.

How does it Work?

Opana ER works in the brain. It goes under the classification of drugs known as opioid analgesics. It helps by altering the response of the brain towards pain. Normally, it stops the receptor nerves in the Central Nervous system.

How Long Does it Stay in the Body?

This medicine starts working after 15 to 30 minutes of consumption and its effectiveness helps to reduce pain for 12 hours. However,  the instant-release tablets work for 4 to 6 hours in reducing pain. But it can be found in the various parts of the body for 3 to 4 days by some special tests.

How long does Opana stay in your system

How long does Opana stay in your system

How to Use it?

Take it as the exact way you are directed by your pharmacist or healthcare provider. Taking it for a longer period than the prescription will be very dangerous. You should not increase or decrease the doses of this medicine on your own.

This is taken orally on an empty stomach. You should swallow the whole tablet. Chewing, crushing, or breaking this tablet is not permitted.

Use of Opana ER should not be stopped promptly, this will give serious withdrawal issues like nausea, mental unstableness, changes in mood and behavior, restlessness, anxiety, sleeping problems, suicidal thoughts, watering eyes, running nose, diarrhea, sweating, muscle aches. One should consult their doctor before stopping the use of this.

Opana ER 5 mg is taken during the starting days of the treatment. Then the doctor will increase the doses by supervising the condition of the patient if needed.

Side Effects –

Using Opana ER can develop certain side effects. Some of them are normal and less risky. But some side effects of it can be very dangerous.

  • Casual side effects are;
  • dizziness,
  • drowsiness,
  • headache,
  • tiredness,
  • stomach pain,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • constipation

Some severe side effects that can hurt life are as follows;

  • hives,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat,
  • slow breathing with long pauses,
  • blue colored lips,
  • Weak breathing  or shallow breathing,
  • breathing that stops during sleep,
  • difficulty to wake up,
  • lightheadedness,
  • Seizure,
  • nausea,
  • chest pain,
  • cough with yellow or green mucus,
  • severe vomiting,
  • wheezing,
  • vomiting,
  • loss of appetite,
  • dizziness,
  • worsening tiredness,
  • weakness,
  • agitation,
  • hallucinations,
  • Fever,
  • twitching,
  • loss of coordination,
  • sweating,
  • shivering,
  • fast heart rate,
  • muscle stiffness, and
  • diarrhea

If you experience these conditions, stop using Opana. Consult your doctor immediately and seek urgent treatment to get rid of these effects. If the usual side effects last for a longer period, then also you need to visit the doctor immediately to seek urgent treatment.

In Case of Missing Dose-

If you miss a dose you will feel pain as this is prescribed to make you pain-free. But if you are using it regularly and have skipped a dose then, take the forgotten dose as quickly as you remember. But if the time is nearer to the next usual dose then do not take it, otherwise, it will cause certain dangerous problems. Do not consume two doses at a time for makeup. It will cause overdose and serious health problems will occur.

In case of overdosed-

If someone has taken an extra dose or a larger dose than prescribed, then they will get symptoms like slow breathing or feeling like passing out, give them Naloxone if available. Consult your doctor instantly, take them to the nearest hospital for urgent treatment or call the poison help center.

Warnings and Precautions –

Drinking alcohol or consuming any kind of alcoholic substance with this medicine can be deadly.

Consult your doctor if you are currently suffering from some disease. Also, tell your doctor about your previous health issues if any. Using this can worsen some diseases and adverse side effects can cause. Those diseases are

  • brain disorders,
  • Seizures,
  • head injury,
  • tumor,
  • kidney disease,
  • liver disease,
  • Feeling confused,
  • depression,
  • Self-harming or suicidal thoughts,
  • Blockage in the stomach or intestine,
  • mental Disorders,
  • the disease of the pancreas,
  • Urination problem,
  • breathing problems such as asthma, sleep apnea,
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-COPD,
  • gallbladder disease,
  • personal or family history of a substance use disorder,
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • constipation,
  • diarrhea due to infection,
  • paralytic ileus,
  • cancer of the esophagus or colon,
  • difficulty swallowing,

Make sure the doctor knows it before prescribing you Opana ER medication If you have any of these diseases.

Driving and working with heavy machines or doing anything that needs concentration or alertness should be prohibited while taking it.

With the doctor’s approval, a pregnant person can use this, when the necessity of using it will be at the top. If you are planning to get pregnant then inform your doctor about it.

This can pass through breast milk. If you are a breastfeeding mother and taking Opana ER then there is a high chance that your baby will develop some serious side effects. Visit your healthcare provider before taking it.

Drug Interaction:

Using certain other medicines with Opana ER will have an impact on the effectiveness of this. These medicines may increase or decrease the effect of it which is harmful. Those medicines are;

  • pain medications,
  • Other opioid medicines such as butorphanol, nalbuphine, pentazocine, naltrexone,
  • alcohol beverages such as cough-and-cold syrups
  • cough medicines such as codeine, hydrocodone
  • marijuana
  • Sleeping pills
  • Anxiety medicines
  • alprazolam,
  • lorazepam,
  • zolpidem,
  • muscle relaxants,
  • carisoprodol,
  • cyclobenzaprine
  • Antihistamines,
  • cetirizine,
  • Diphenhydramine, etc.

Sometimes, some of these medicines increase their effectiveness of it, which can lead to some fatal issues. Before prescribing for Opana ER, tell your physician or pharmacist if you are taking any of these medicines.

Storage Of the Medicine –

Keep the tablets in an airtight jar. These medicines should be kept in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Moisture and direct sunlight can damage the medicines, keeping them away from those. Children should stay away from this. Dispose of the expired and unused medicines in a place that children and animals can not reach there. You can also ask the pharmacist or the local disposal factory for it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What is Opana ER used for?

Opana ER is an Opana Extended-Release tablet. It is used to treat moderate to extreme pain and chronic severe pain. This medicine is being used when an around-the-clock opioid pain reliever is needed. Opana ER is prescribed to the patient when other painkillers can not help them to endure pain.

What’s the highest milligram of this medicine?

Opana ER has various doses like Opana ER 5 mg, 7.5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg. The highest milligram available is Opana Er 40 mg. But the highest prescribed dose is Opana ER 20 mg.

Is there a generic for Opana ER?

Opana ER is an opioid medicine. This is a brand name used for the selling of the generic drug Oxymorphone hydrochloride. This is an extended-release tablet. It is used to treat severe pain.

Does Opana make you sleepy?

Yes, it makes you sleepy. It is somehow a narcotic medication. Among other casual side effects, dizziness or drowsiness are the most common effects of it.