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Ambien is the immediate release form of Zolpidem. It has two different variants; Ambien 5mg and 10mg. Ambien 5mg is very popular in the market to cure people with sleeping problems like insomnia. This medicine helps to fall asleep quickly by affecting certain unbalanced chemicals in our brain. It is a tablet with an imprint of AMB 5, which needs to be taken by mouth without breaking or crushing it.

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Generally, this medicine is prescribed for short-term use, in case your symptoms are not getting improved talk to your doctor, he may need to change or extend the doses. Read the instruction sheet carefully and make sure not to miss a single dose. Remember to inform your doctor if you have ever had, sleep apnea, kidney disease, breathing problem, depression or drug addiction.

Long-term use should be avoided without recommendation to reduce the risk of habit-forming and side effects. In case you have symptoms of irregular heartbeat, chest pain, swallowing, weakness, dizziness or throat irritation call your doctor immediately.

Keep the medicine away from children under 18 years and especially from someone with a history of drug addiction. The medicine needs to be stored at room temperature, and proper disposal of expired or used medicine is mandatory.


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