Halcion 25 mg

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It is a short-term medicine used to treat sleeping disorders like insomnia. Doctors usually prescribe it for 7-10 days. It works by calming the patient nerves and helping to relax freely. Halcion 25mg is a benzodiazepine oral tablet, taken by mouth without crushing, chewing, or breaking.

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If you have used Halcion before and are allergic to it or you have any diseases like lung problems, mental illness, depression, or sleep apnea inform your doctor before taking the medicine. It is prohibited to use by Pregnant ladies and drug-addicted people without permission. Inform your doctor about all your ongoing medication, like, if you are taking tablets for cancer, HIV, or antifungals, antibiotics.

If you are not feeling good after using it for several days, talk with your doctor, he may need to change the doses. Do the same as directed by your doctor, reed the prescription of Halcion 25 mg carefully and check the expiry date before using the medicine. Store it at room temperature away from heat. Always keep an eye on your medicines to know if someone misusing them. Because misuse may cause severe side effects like memory loss, confusion, change in behavior, hallucination, and depression. In such cases contact your doctor immediately.

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11 reviews for Halcion 25 mg

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  4. Grace Hill

    I tried all the possible home and natural ways of getting a good quality time sleep but was unable to get a good sleep. At last, I consulted a doctor, who diagnosed me with insomnia and prescribed me to take Halcion 25 mg medication to get rid of it.

  5. Samuel Walker

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  10. Penelope Lewis

    Halcion 25 mg is one of the most effective sleeping pills generally used to treat higher levels of insomnia. I have ordered it from NuHeals as I always do after being prescribed by the doctor. It provided me with a good night’s sleep.

  11. Ellie Torres

    I am a serious insomnia patient having problems with sleeping and waking up regularly while sleeping. My psychiatrist prescribed me to take Halcion 25 mg pills and I think it helped me a lot to reduce the symptoms of insomnia and provide me with a good quality of night sleep.

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