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Sonata is a short-term medicine used to treat a sleeping disorder. It belongs to the miscellaneous anxiolytic drug family. It works by relaxing the body and helps in falling asleep. Anyone under 18 years of age is restricted to use this medicine. Sonata 5mg prescribe by doctors usually for a short time to get rid of symptoms of insomnia.

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Constant use of this tablet may cause memory loss of certain activities you have done. In case it happens, stop using it and ask your doctor for alternatives. Take the medicine before going to bed. Tell your doctor if your symptoms are not getting improved within 7-10 days of continuous usage. Do not share your medication with others because just one dose can cause death. Avoid taking multiple doses at a time. Pregnant ladies should not use this medicine without informing the doctor. Avoid drinking alcohol to reduce the risk of severe side effects or death.

If you have ever had breathing problems, kidney disease, depression, mental illness, or drug addiction then stay away from using this medicine. Sonata 5 mg has severe side effects, in regular use also. Some common symptoms of side effects include confusion, hallucination, anxiety, memory problem, loss of coordination, numbness, or drowsiness. Keep the medicine at room temperature away from heat, moisture, and children, proper disposal of broken or expired tablets is mandatory.

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