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Provigil is prescribed by doctors to treat narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and excessive sleepiness caused by sleep apnea. It is clinically approved by FDA. it has two different doses. Provigil 200mg is the highest dose of Provigil. It comes as an oral tablet with an imprint of ‘PROVIGIL 200’ on it.

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Another available variant of Provigil is Provigil 100 mg. Before starting the medication inform the concerned doctor if you have kidney disease, liver problem, or high blood pressure. Follow your doctor’s prescription strictly which will help you to prevent side effects.

Do not consume this medicine if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding it can harm your baby. Do not share this medicine with anyone, especially someone with an allergic or drug addiction.

Store the tablets safely at room temperature, away from sunlight and moisture. Prolonged periods of usage should be avoided because it leads to drug resistance and habit formation. Side effects of this medicine could be short-term as well as long-term. If you have symptoms like shortness of breath, dark urine or jaundice then call your doctor immediately. Avoid drinking alcohol, driving, and doing risky work until you know the effects of the medicine.

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12 reviews for Provigil 200 mg

  1. Willow Ramirez

    I got to know about NuHeals from one of my colleagues. She suggested me buy all my required medicines from NuHeals. I bought it once to get a trial, and from that day til today, I do not believe in any other websites.

  2. Hudson Young

    No other medicines like Provigil are there to treat narcolepsy. Provigil 200 mg is the best-used medicine to treat narcolepsy due to the reason that it has no or some little side effects as compared to other anti-narcolepsy pills.

  3. Riley Walker

    I would like to thank the owner and editor NuHeals for posting such informative and descriptive content for the users. The content is so informative that users do not anywhere in the search of facts about unknown medicines.

  4. Issac King

    NuHeals is one of the popular and used websites for online pharmacy and medicines supply. It is so due to its various characteristics and properties that make it popular among all other pharmacy websites.

  5. Matthew Robinson

    I am a regular user of Provigil 100 mg pills but it did not affect my body to react against excess narcolepsy. When I consulted my doctor again, he told me to increase the dosage and now I am all ok having no issues.

  6. Victoria Wright

    I believe in NuHeals blindly. It provides all my required and ordered medicines on the same day of order and the products it delivers are Rx-labeled, verified and clinically approved and the price range of all products is similar to the generic price.

  7. Violet Clark

    I like NuHeals and feel that it is the best online pharmacy website to buy medicines. The important prospectus is that it avails all the payment options including cash on delivery method of payment which I think is the safest for me.

  8. Julian Martin

    Provigil 200 mg tab is the only reason behind my son’s well-being today. He was suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and all home remedies I tried for him were all in vain. At last one of my friends suggested giving him Provigil 200 mg pills and for God’s sake, it worked on him.

  9. Hazel White

    The information provided on NuHeals about all its products is so descriptive and informative that I do not search any other sites to know anything about any medicines. I would like to thank NuHeals for providing such informative content.

  10. Luke Thompson

    NuHeals is a world-class pharmacy site that sells its medicines at a cost less than the original market price and sometimes equal to its generic price. This quality makes it be used more and more day by day.

  11. Madison Lee

    NuHeals and Provigil made my life retrieved again. I was in tension about how to discard narcolepsy. One of my colleagues suggested taking Provigil 200 mg tablets and you won’t believe it worked efficiently on my body and I have reduced narcolepsy now.

  12. Anthony Scott

    According to my point of view, NuHeals is the best medicinal website to buy all medicines from. It sells all its medicines at a very low price as compared to other websites i.e. similar to its generic price with less delivery charge.

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