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Adderall 15 mg is a combination of two salts namely amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. This is a controlled medicine.  It is prescribed to treat ADHD. This belongs to the CNS stimulants class. Using it for a longer period of time can lead to addiction.

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Consume this medicine in the exact way you are prescribed to use it. Do not increase or decrease the doses on your own. Your doctor will change it if necessary. There are many adverse side effects of consuming this medicine. Some of them are very serious and can be fatal. If you experience any uncontrolled or serious symptoms, visit your doctor immediately to seek urgent treatment. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not consume this medicine as it can create numerous health issues in the infant’s body.

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10 reviews for Adderall 15 mg

  1. Bret Warred

    NuHeals made my life easier. I am a teacher by profession getting no time in a day to order my medicines. NuHeals provided all my required medicines overnight at my doorstep with no extra cost of delivery. Thanks to NuHeals for fulfilling the needs of people in an emergency.

  2. Rebecca Twins

    NuHeals provides full and detailed information on use, side effects, methods of taking, alternative pills used, overdose symptoms and dosages of taking Adderall 15 mg in a single sheet. It is the best site to buy Adderall 15 mg pills.

  3. Don Jackson

    I am using Adderall 15 mg capsules for 6-7 months for avoiding ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and I have seen a change in myself after using it. I have recovered a lot and now living a happy life.

  4. Robert Frost

    I got to know about NuHeals from one of my colleagues in the office and immediately tried to buy one medicine as a sort of experiment. After using it once, I just appreciated the labour that the owner and editor have put to create such an extraordinary website.

  5. Bianka Sanon

    One of my friends was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the doctor told her to take Adderall 15 mg to get rid of ADHD. After taking it for more than 2 months, she has reduced the level of ADHD in him and living a happy life.

  6. Steve Austin

    I am a regular Adderall 15 mg user. But after using it for several months, I felt that I have came back to my previous normal state of mind and needed to stop using it. I consulted my doctor and my doctor told me to leave it. Thanks to NuHeals for providing valuable information on withdrawal symptoms that helped me a lot to know more about the side effects.

  7. Daniel Christian

    Adderall 15 mg yellow pills are considered to be the best when used against attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is one of the powerful medications used to reduce ADHD problems.

  8. Beth Rubell

    NuHeals is the best pharmacy website I have ever visited and bought my products from. It sells all verified and clinically approved medicines and sells them at a price that is comparably less than that of other pharmacy websites and from the market price also.

  9. Leo Simmons

    I want to share the experience I gained from watching my roommate taking Adderall 15 mg tablets for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It worked extensively for me and I have recovered the most having no more symptoms of ADHD.

  10. Sophia Brown

    NuHeals gave my life a new flight. I generally come from a lower middle-class family having insufficient funds to pay the total sum of money to buy a full packet of medicine. Thanks to NuHeals for providing all sorts of payment options including the credit card EMI system, which helped me a lot to buy any medicine at any time and pay monthly EMI.

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