Oxycodone 40 mg


Oxycodone is an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to severe pain. The availability of Oxycodone is extended-release tablets, and extended-release capsules are used to relieve severe pain in people for a long time and cannot treat with other medications. It has eight different doses used in different conditions.



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Consume the exact dose you are prescribed by your doctor. When you use Oxycodone for a long time, you may become addicted to it. The symptoms of the medication are Itching, Constipation, Dry mouth, Abnormal thoughts, Hallucinations, etc. You may feel some side effects of withdrawing medicine Without consulting your doctor, such as Nausea, Tearing, Agitation, Abdominal cramping, Sweating, etc. Alcohol consumption is restricted while taking it.
Persons with asthma, a blockage in the stomach or the intestine are not allowed to take Oxycodone 40 mg. Pregnant mothers can not take this medicine as it will cause side effects in the baby after birth.
Go to your doctor, if you feel any side effects after taking this medication.

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