Vicodin 5-500 mg

Vicodin is the combination of two drugs called acetaminophen and hydrocodone. It is a pain reliever opioid medicine and has two different variants; Vicodin 5-500mg and 75-750mg. Vicodin 5-500mg is a narcotic and is intended to treat people who are suffering from moderate to severe pain. Doctors prescribe this medicine when non-opioid medicines failed to give relief.

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Prolong period of usage without permission can slow down your breathing. Someone with breathing problems and asthma should avoid taking this medicine. It is restricted to use if you have taken MAO such as linezolid, methylene blue injection and isocarboxazid in the last 14 days. Usually, it starts showing its effect within 1hour of taking the tablet. Misuse can cause liver problems, and severe side effects like infertility, sexual problem, seizure, confusion, jaundice, dark urine and sometimes missing menstrual periods. Contact your doctor immediately in such cases. Tell your doctor about your ongoing medications including antibiotics, antifungals or if you are taking any medicines for allergic, asthma, cold, headache or other pain killers. Try to store it at constant room temperature away from heat and moisture. Avoid drinking alcohol and doing risky work until you know how Vicodin will affect your body.

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