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Paxil 40 mg is an oral medication used for the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder (SAD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and premenstrual dysphoric disorders (PMDD). The main motive of using Paxil 40 mg is to restore the patient’s interest in their daily lives. Paxil 40 mg medication helps improve the mood, sleep, appetite, and energy level of the patient.

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Paxil is classified as an antidepressant, SSRIs regulate the production of serotonin in the patient’s body. It is available in the market in 5 mg, 10mg, 20 mg, 25 mg, and 30 mg variants in both immediate-release and extended-release forms. Paxil 40 mg is sold as a greenish-colored scored tablet with ‘PAXIL’ engraved on the front side and ‘40’ on the back.

In general, doctors prescribe taking 20 mg of Paxil per day at the beginning stage of treatment which can be further increased to a dosage of 50 mg per day at most. A few of the most common side effects of Paxil are sleepiness during the daytime, nausea, dizziness, constipation, tremors, dry mouth, decreased appetite, etc. When these effects are mild, they might disappear soon. But prolonged effects may lead to severe side effects. Therefore, consult a doctor immediately if these side effects sustain.

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11 reviews for Paxil 40 mg

  1. Rosemary West

    I had always had an antipathetic idea about online pharmacy sites whether they provide authentic medicine or not. But NuHeals cleared all my doubts. It provides original and FDA’s approved medicines. Now, I order maximum medicines from Nuheals.

  2. Danna Gibson

    I have a serious or chronic anxiety problem. I was taking Paxil 30 mg pills for treating my anxiety level but it did not work. After referring to my doctor again, I have started taking Paxil 40 mg pills and I think it is better than the previous one and works enormously to reduce my anxiety level.

  3. Cristian Medina

    The discount and offers that NuHeals provide is different and generally not given by other pharmacy websites. It provides all the medicines nearly at the cost of generic price and provides free home delivery for its regular customers.

  4. Jake MCdonald

    All the required medicines that I and my family members require are available on NuHeals. So, I order all my required medicines from NuHeals. Moreover, it provides all the medicines according to the supplied prescription with a proper bill.

  5. Wade Berret

    I was in a dilemma that all the pharmacy websites take more price than the original product price of the medicine. But I was wrong. NuHeals costs less for the product I ordered i.e. Paxil 40 mg pills which is less than the original street value of Paxil 40 mg.

  6. Brinley Washington

    Paxil 40 mg tablet was like a bonanza for me. I was a chronic anxiety patient with no hope of retrieving again. But after using Paxil 40 mg, I have increased the hope of recovering and getting well soon. Thanks to Paxil 40 mg anti-anxiety pills.

  7. Noa Simmons

    I am a reformer, protesting for the welfare of the people. I do not get any time to buy or order medicine during day time due to the severe workload and management. So, I generally order medicines during the evening time. Thanks to NuHeals for providing the fastest doorstep delivery with a minimum delivery charge. It delivers the medicine overnight.

  8. Winter Jordan

    My doctor prescribed me to take Paxil 40 mg in chronic anxiety situations. I felt it safe to buy it from NuHeals as I always do. It provides all the Rx-labeled medicine with the safest payment option. Thanks to NuHeals.

  9. Alayan Martin

    I would like to share the experience of my nephew. She has anxiety at its peak. No medicine and remedies worked for it. Lastly, our family doctor advised us to give her Paxil 40 mg, which is the highest dose and it worked and she recovered slowly.

  10. Kalani Graham

    I am a regular customer of NuHeals and I am doing so for 4 months. During this duration, I have seen NuHeals developing their page and increasing their products regularly. Thanks to the owner and editor of this website for doing so.

  11. Raymond Wallace

    I am taking the highest dose of Paxil i.e. Paxil 40 mg to control my anxiety issues. Now I can feel the increased level of peacefulness and calmness inside me. Thanks to my doctor for prescribing me to take Paxil 40 mg pills and referring me to buy it from NuHeals.

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