Celexa 40 mg

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Celexa 40mg comes under the drug group called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It is an antidepressant medicine used by depressed people. Celexa 40mg is clinically approved to treat major depressive disorder and depression. But prolonged periods of usage should be avoided because they can cause drug resistance and habit formation.

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Celexa 40 mg oral tablet needs to be taken by mouth without crushing, chewing, or breaking. Make sure not to share it with others, especially with children and someone with a history of drug addiction. Tell your doctor before starting your medication if you have heart disease, sexual problem, glaucoma, or bipolar disorder. To get a good result your doctor may direct you to change the dose and time of the medication.

If you have taken MAO in the last 14 days then wait till the effect of the inhibitor gets cleared from your body. After that, you can start your medication. It has severe side effects such as a fast heartbeat, confusion, headache, and racing thoughts. Contact your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of the symptoms. In case you missed a tablet, take it as soon as you remember, make sure if it is already time for the next dose then skip it. Store the medicine in a safe place away from heat and moisture.

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8 reviews for Celexa 40 mg

  1. Carmella Willson

    My husband went into a deep depression after a huge theft in the office. I was helpless in the thought of what to do or not. One of my sister suggested me to give him Celexa 40 mg. He is taking this for 6 months and he is totally recovered from depression.

  2. David Monty

    NuHeals is considered to be one of the commonly used pharmacy websites in the U.S.A. It is because of the offers they give and the products they provide. Besides all these, they also provide fast delivery, which makes them very much popular.

  3. Anthony Butler

    One day I forgot to order my regular medicines and was in doubt whether I could get them in time to take them in the evening. Thanks to NuHeals for providing the medicine in time. I ordered it in the morning and it got delivered before the nighttime.

  4. Alice Russel

    My son had a huge loss in the business, leading him to go into depression. After all the home remedies failed, I took him to the doctor. The doctor prescribed him Celexa 40 mg tablets and I am grateful to him that my son returned to his original state of mind within 1 month of use.

  5. Elias Fisher

    NuHeals helps in withstanding all the medicinal needs in my house. It delivers all the original, clinically approved and Rx-labeled medicines. It also provides fast and free delivery to its regular customers.

  6. Andrew Jordan

    I am a state football team coach. My wife went into depression as her sister died suddenly in an accident. I have to leave all my work and attend to her as she was ill. This influenced my coaching classes a lot. I was helpless at the time when my father-in-law called me up and told me about Celexa 40 mg tablets. Now she is in her normal state of mind and fine too.

  7. Bella West

    My father is taking Celexa 40 mg for the last 5 months and now he has recovered a lot but now his body is showing some other diseases.
    I thought it to be the side effects of Celexa 40 mg. I immediately referred to NuHeals and got all the ideas about the side effects.

  8. Austin Theory

    NuHeals is my favourite and most trusted pharmacy website. It delivers medicine very fast to your doorstep. The quality of the packaging is the best which helps the medicine not open to the light.

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