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Phentermine is a prescribed medicine intended to help people with Weight Loss. By stimulating the central nervous system it decreases the appetite. People with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol should take this medicine by maintaining a proper diet and exercise.

Phentermine 15mg is an anorectic and should not use along with certain medicines such as dexfenfluramine and Fenfluramine. It is usually advised to take it for a short term.

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Prolonged periods of usage should be avoided because they can lead to drug resistance and habit formation. It is advised not to share the medicine with other people, especially someone with a history of drug addiction or it can cause severe side effects like chest pain, trouble sleeping, mood swings, itching, or headache. Consume the tablet before or after food usually once or twice a day.

Losing 4 pounds weight in the first 4 weeks is compulsory, if you are not getting any result then talk to your doctor. Do not take smaller or larger doses of Phentermine 15 mg without permission. Try not to miss a single dose, to get a good result. In case you missed a tablet, take it as soon as you remember, make sure if it is already time for the next dose then skip it.

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10 reviews for Phentermine 15 mg

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