Hydrocodone m367


Hydrocodone M367 is a combination of Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitartrate in the proportion of 325 mg/10 mg. Hydrocodone M367 can be characterized as a white-colored, capsule-shaped pill with ‘M367’ imprinted on it. This medication is mainly used for the treatment of pain, cough, back pain, or any other mild to severe body pain.

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Hydrocodone M367 is categorized as a narcotic analgesic and is classified as a Schedule II controlled mediation under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). Hence, it is used as a prescribed drug with a very high risk of drug abuse and addiction. Hydrocodone medicine is available in different variants for public use.

Like other opioid analgesics, Hydrocodone M367 is taken orally to get instant relief from severe pain. It is prescribed to be taken in an interval of 4-6 hours a day for better results. At most 6 Tablets are recommended within a day. This medication has few side effects like dizziness, hallucination, diarrhea, mental depression, etc. It is highly recommended to take a doctor’s consultation before using this medication and if any side effects are observed within the patient’s body.

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