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How to Treat Pimples on the Lips Overnight

How to Treat Pimples on the Lips Overnight

We all have faced pimple problems in our lifetime, sometimes on our face, on the back or in the chest area but when it comes to pimples on lips, it’s a bit weird. Isn’t it? It is very rare but also too difficult to get rid of lip bumps. Don’t worry we have solutions for your doubt. But before that be sure it is a lip pimple, not a lip sore. How will you identify that the red bump on your lip is a pimple, not a cold sore?

How Lip Pimple is Different from Lip Sores

For that let’s talk about how to recognize a lip pimple

  • Lip pimples are inflammatory acne.
  • It doesn’t happen directly on lips but appears on the outer line of our upper or lower lips.
  • The bumps are usually red with a whitehead or blackhead in between. But sometimes in the case of a big pimple, you may see several white, blackheads.
  • These are easily visible to the eyes.
  • The bumps may fill with white or yellow liquid. They don’t itch or burn.
  • It is very painful to touch as well as it takes time to become normal.
  • Pimples are not contagious. You can share your lip balm, can hug, and kiss. They won’t spread from one person to another by direct contact.

Coming to lip sores-

  • Lip sores are contagious. It can spread from one person to another. Avoid sharing lip balms, and utensils, drinking something from the same cup, kissing, and hugging.
  • It can occur directly on the lips. You will feel itching in the place before you get a sore.
  • Cold sores are small red blisters, they burn, itch and release fluids.
  • These are very painful and stay for several days.
  • They can occur one or more blisters at a time.

So after reading the above points, you may get clear between lip pimples and sores. Before knowing the possible remedies, we need to know the causes. Why and how do lip pimples occur?

Causes Behind Lip Pimples

  • There are different reasons behind growing a pimple. When bacteria, excess oil, and hair follicles get blocked by oil or dead skin they form a pimple. Clogged pores are the main responsible cause.
  • Sometimes hormonal imbalance, certain medications, and stress depression can also be the reason behind it.
  • These are not a reason for concern. It is normal. It can occur anywhere on the body. So do not get afraid in case you get one.
  • Just like the body, and face acne, avoid popping lip pimples. Or else it will leave scars that may continue for several months.
  • It is shown in some rare cases that excess use of petroleum jelly or lip balm also causes pimples.

Different Treatments For Pimples On Lips

There are various ways to treat lip pimples. Home remedies and medical treatments are one of them. Pimples are normal and not dangerous so we need normal treatment for them. Try the remedies at home, if they failed to show results then visit a dermatologist.

Home Remedies

We do not need a doctor’s medication in case of pimples. It is normal and can be treated using other treatments. Home remedies are always been the best option to get out of something. So here are some natural solutions you can apply to reduce the chances –

1.   Tomato–   It is a popular and effective way to treat acne. Tomato contains salicylic acid which helps to suppress the bacteria and helps to unblock the pores. It is affordable and easy to use.

Here, is how to use it- 

  • Take a small piece of tomato and squash it using a fork.
  • Apply the crushed pulp to your lip pimple directly.
  • Leave it for 10min, then wash your face with warm water.
  • Repeat the same thing twice or thrice a day to get the best result.

2. Toothpaste-

You may have never thought that toothpaste can also be used for other things than brushing the teeth. It believes that it is the easiest and most time-consuming way to suppress the pimple just by applying it to the bump before going to bed. The presence of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide shrinks the bump and gives a cooling effect to the pain but it also makes the skin dry.

3. Turmeric-  We all know turmeric is a DIY antiseptic and antibacterial remedy used to cure burns and wounds. Same it used in case of pimples.

How to use-

  • Add a few drops of water with turmeric.
  • With a clean finger apply to the pimple.
  • Leave it for the next 10mins
  • Repeat the process twice a day for a good result.

4. Honey- In research, it is shown that honey is an antimicrobial agent beneficial to treat bad skin conditions or pimples.

How to use-

  • First, get pure organic honey.
  • Apply on your pimple by using a clean finger and leave it.
  • Do the same for the next few days

Medicine Treatment

In case of extreme pimples approach a skin specialist. Tell your doctor about your problem. He will suggest you some treatments like;

  • Oral medicines- according to your pimple condition, normal, moderate, or severe your dermatologist will suggest you the best possible treatments like hormonal therapies or antibiotics.
  • Topical medication- your doctor may suggest you apply something on your face, like some creams, or face wash which may contain a salicylic, retinoid, azelaic acid, or antibiotics. It is prescribed in case of moderate to severe pimples.
  • Other treatments- extraction of pimples, lesser therapy, or some chemical peels may be suggested by your doctor in case you do not want to take medicines.

After reading the above points it may strike your mind how to save yourself from getting lip pimples? So below we have discussed all possible preventions.

How to Prevent Our lips from Pimples

  • Clean your skin daily twice or thrice to pull off the dirt, oil, and bacteria. Keep micellar water with you in case you don’t get time for cleansing the skin.
  • Always use soft and non-chemical skin care products.
  • Use moisturizer to keep your face moisturized.
  • Apply sunscreen before going out.
  • Drink sufficient water per day to prevent your skin from dryness.
  • Eat healthy and non-oily foods.
  • Clean your lipstick before going to bed.
  • Stop touching your face always with your hand, because it contains bacteria that we can not see.
  • Avoid squeezing, or popping pimples. It may infect other parts and cause more pimples. It will leave scars that would take several months to get normal.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Pimples-

  1. Can I get rid of pimples in one day?

It is difficult to cure pimples in one day but it is shown that toothpaste works as a good remedy to treat in lesser time. But doctors avoid suggesting it. Because it makes the skin dry and may cause more pimples in rare cases. You can try tea tree oil or lesser treatments.

  1. Are lip pimples painful?

Yes, it is more painful to get a pimple on the sidelines of lips than in other parts. It is rare but can stay for a long time. Avoid popping the bump, it may lead to more pimples or can leave a scar that will take several days to get normal.

  1. How to prevent lip pimples?

Clean your face regularly. Avoid touching your face and applying chemical products to your skin. Drink at least 3ltr per day and eat less oily foods. Apply sunscreen to your face 20min before you go out, and keep your lips moist. Remove lipstick before going to bed and apply lip balm always. Try not to squeeze or pop the pimple.

Hopefully, you find the article useful. Still, if you have any doubts or questions regarding this topic then you can comment to us in the below section. Thanks for visiting Nuheals.

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