Codeine 30 mg


Codeine is a pain reliever medicine that helps to treat people who are suffering from moderate to severe pain that non-opiate medicines failed to cure. 12 years of age or above can use this medicine. For underage use, you need to talk with a paediatrician. Codeine 30 mg also cures diarrhoea, dry cough and pain that may have been caused by any surgery or injury.

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This comes in a tablet, injection as well as liquid form. While you are on your medication stay away from doing risky things (work that needs more attention to pay) including driving until you know the side effects. Follow the doses as advised. Keep updated with your doctor about every medication that you are taking. Never add, decrease or stop taking tablets without your doctor’s permission.

This medicine has three more different variants; Codeine 15 mg, Codeine 60 mg, and Codeine 300/30 mg. Tell your doctor if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or planning for a baby. Because taking Codeine while breastfeeding is dangerous for newborn babies. In case of overdose call for medical emergency or poison helpline immediately. Store the medicine safely in an airtight container away from others.

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