Codeine 60 mg


Codeine is a clinically approved medicine. Mostly used to treat mild to moderate pain. Also used with other medications to reduce coughing. Codeine 60mg is an extended dose. People suffering from asthma, breathing problem, or blockage in the intestine or stomach are prohibited to consume this tablet. Before taking this medicine better know its side effects. This medicine is available in three more different doses; Codeine 15 mg, Codeine 30 mg, and Codeine 300/30 mg.

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Do exactly as directed by your doctor. Read the prescription carefully, and look through the guide and instruction sheet that is provided with the medication. You can take it with or without the food usually once a day, or as prescribed. Do not exceed the doses.

Long-term periods of usage should be avoided because it leads to drug resistance, habit formation and death. If you are feeling any sign of overdose symptoms like a pinpoint pupil, or very slow breathing immediately call the medical helpline. Do not break, crush or chew the tablet and mix it with others to inject into your vein as drugs. Pregnant women and drug-addicted people and children under 12 years should stay away from taking this medication.

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