Strattera 80 mg

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Strattera (atomoxetine) is a non-stimulant medication generally used for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Atomoxetine medication is sold under the brand name Strattera. Strattera 80 mg capsules can be characterized as a hard capsules, with an opaque brown cap and a white body. It has an imprint of ‘Lilly 3250’ on the brown cap side and ‘80 mg’ on the white body side in black ink.

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Strattera is available in various dosages in the market like 10 mg, 18 mg, 25 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, and 100 mg capsules. Strattera is a non-stimulant medication and is not a controlled substance like other stimulants used to treat ADHD conditions. So, it does not have any adverse effects like drug dependency or addictions. Strattera does not possess any potential side effects but has a few minor side effects like nausea, abdominal pain, and drowsiness at the beginning of the medication course. Strattera 80 mg is generally prescribed once per day by the doctor to treat ADHD, but this dosage can be further increased to get optimal outcomes.

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11 reviews for Strattera 80 mg

  1. Jonathan Long

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  2. Charlie Ross

    I have seen my roommate recovering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after using Strattera 80 mg pills regularly for 3 months. He was in such a condition of ADHD that, it was difficult for him to come back to his normal state but thanks to Strattera 80 mg capsules for helping him to reduce the symptoms of ADHD.

  3. Adelline Bennet

    My son was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when a psychiatrist advised him of taking Strattera 80 mg tab to reduce the symptoms of the disease. After taking it regularly at the right time and right amount, he bounced back to his original state of mind and body.

  4. Margaret Myers

    My mother is a chronic attention deficit hyperactivity disorder patient. The doctor prescribed her to take Strattera 80 mg pills. I always prefer to buy it from NuHeals to get the original Strattera 80 mg pills at a lower price range.

  5. Eden Castillo

    Three months ago, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and my doctor advised me to take Strattera 80 mg capsules. I am taking it since then and I think I have reduced the symptoms of ADHD a lot.

  6. Eloise Price

    I would like to suggest buying all your required medicines from NuHeals. It delivers all its products on the same day or after one day of your order.
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  9. Sarah Wood

    Strattera 80 mg pills were like an oasis in the desert for me. I was in a condition where anything could happen. Then the doctor prescribed me Strattera 80 mg pills to decrease the level of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It worked extensively and saved my life.

  10. Roman Gray

    I always buy all the required medicines for my family members and myself from NuHeals. The fact that makes me buy it every time from it is the quality of medicines it delivers at such an affordable price range which is I think the lowest among all online pharmacy websites.

  11. Clara Ruiz

    I would like to say that practically, Strattera 80 mg capsules are the best medicines to get rid of the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I have myself used it and have reduced the symptoms to a great extent with minimum side effects.

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