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What Causes Mental Illness? Types & Signs Of Mental Disorder


As we all know, mental health plays a very important role in every stage of the creature’s life. A healthy mental condition can help humans to live easier. But, mental health changes in a person from time to time, and it can not be known as there is not a single cause for mental illness or disorder. So many factors directly affect mental illness and give a way to different mental disorders. These are some important factors described that cause mental disorders.

Factors That Influence Mental Health:

A healthy mental condition carries a vital role in everyone’s life, and maintaining this health condition is up to us. Sometimes people unnoticed their behavioral changes which put an impact on their mental health. Here are some factors that describe how it affects someone’s mental health.


People have mental disorders genetically. If the parents have some issues regarding any type of disorder. It may affect their child with the same issues via genes.


It plays a vital role in mental health. A bad environment can affect healthy mental conditions. If someone is attached to an unsocial environment, it can have a bad impact on them according to that environment.

Childhood Trauma:

Sometimes bad memories or accidents in early life can affect later, and it can imbalance a stable mental peace. If something wrong happened in childhood, and you can’t overcome it, The insecurity feeling stays with that person, which can disturb their peace.

Stressful Events:

like losing a loved one, or a person important to your life, either by death or separation. Having too many attachments to something that goes away from a person can give them stress, and They will feel alone or empty.

Negative Thoughts:

Constantly thinking about bad vibes may make a person have mental disabilities. Something wrong happens to a person and he or she is reminded of that thing every time. It can have a bad impact on their mental states.

Unhealthy Habits:

Not eating timely or sleeping irregularities can affect a healthy mental status. When disorders attack a person, he or she changes their activities in day-to-day life. Overthinking and other traumas reduce their sleep and hunger.

Drugs and Alcohol:

Abusing drugs and alcohol regularly can trigger a mental illness. It can also make it harder to recover from mental illness, and Consuming these things daily can make it a habit. As result, it will force the person to overthink or feel sad.

Types of Mental Illness:

Mental disorder or illness is not of one kind. There are many kinds of mental disabilities shown in human beings due to different causes. It captures people of all ages including children. Here are some important types of mental illness described.

Anxiety Disorders:

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but excess fear or overthinking about some bad things can put affect mental health as a disorder. There are different kinds of anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder (characterized by excessive worry), panic disorder (characterized by panic attacks), social anxiety disorder (characterized by excessive fear and worry in social situations), and separation anxiety disorder (characterized by excessive fear).


A mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. A kind of unlikely thing happening around a human being can affect his mental status. Overthinking or feeling excessive guilt about some work makes a person depressed. During Depression, the person may experience bad moods or irritation, extremely sad, and anger. Which increased the risk of suicide.

Bipolar Disorder:

In this type of disorder, a person faces mood variations. It changes a person’s mood, energy, and ability to function. It is formerly referred to as manic depressive illness, It is a mood disorder with two extremes: depressed (“low”) and manic (“high”). In this situation, the person faces changes in moods in a period, maybe per day or any certain period. It makes life difficult day by day.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

It is a mental health problem that occurs by witnessing or by directly facing any hazardous activities, and these types of activities put a great impact on a person by increasing fear in their mind. So a serious accident, losing a loved one to death, having serious medical conditions, or any kind of abusive work are the reasons that can make someone suffer from PTSD.


Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder in which a person is unable to identify between reality and imagination. Which creates an imaginary world around a person suffering from Schizophrenia. It makes them more aggressive because they feel like someone wants to harm them or their family. People having this disease behave quite differently and are denied to change their behavior.

Eating Disorders:

People of every age are commonly affected by this. A person faces this type of disorder either genetic or biological. In this situation, a person reduces taking food by overthinking about his or her health and body shape. It impacts badly on health and can harm the heart, bone, and other body organs. The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder.

Disruptive Behavior and Dissocial Disorders:

It is commonly shown in childhood or the age between 10 and 19 and most commonly in boys. It is due to excessive control of parents over their children. These types of children are mentally disturbed and can’t express themselves easily. The children suffering from this disorder need their parents to be understanding and more caring for them.

What are the Signs to Identify Mental Illness

If any person thinks that they have a Mental illness. First, check about the symptoms as there are some common symptoms for different diseases too.

  • Overthinking Feeling extremely sad
  • Aggressiveness and irritation
  • Mood fluctuations
  • Changing eating habits
  • Excessive fear of a thing
  • Moving away from family and friends
  • Living in an imaginary world
  • Feeling excess guilty about something

Sometimes these symptoms are unbearable for us. So we go for a doctor’s prescription, and Doctors first prescribe patients to treat the disorder naturally through a diest control chat. In serious cases, doctors suggest Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, Paxil, and other benzodiazepine drug-categorized medicines.

All the above-mentioned medicines work effectively, but they should not be addictive and overdosed. Mental illness is not a disease. It can be rectified by consulting a Psychiatrist and by taking therapies consulted by the doctor. In cases of children, they need their family support to overcome it.
So, this was the article about the causes of mental illness. Hope you find it informative. Thanks for visiting NuHeals.

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