Norco 5-325 mg


Narco is a combination of two medicines called hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is a pain relief medicine. Narco 5-325 mg is the smallest dose available in its category, used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is a white pill that needs to be taken by mouth.


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A doctor usually prescribes this medicine when other non-opioid medicines failed to show effect. It can slow or stop your breathing, never use in a large amount. Drug administration should be done with proper prescription and precautions. Dosage should not be exceeded without a doctor’s recommendation. Prolonged periods of usage should be avoided because it leads to drug resistance and habit formation. Avoid drinking alcohol, driving, and doing risky work until you know the effects of the medicine. Tell about if you are taking other medications for heart and blood pressure, HIV, seizures, or any antibiotics or antifungals before starting your doses. Store it in a safe place away from heat and moisture. Never share the medicine with children or someone with a history of drug abuse, it can cause fatal.

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