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Celexa 30mg is FDA approved medicine to use for depression when other medicines failed to treat it. It is an antidepressant and has different doses for different conditions. Celexa 30 mg’s main role is to cure the major depressive disorder. But it can become habit-forming if not used properly. Make sure not to use this medicine if you have a heart problem.

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Celexa 30 mg oral tablet needs to be taken by mouth without crushing, chewing, or breaking. Make sure not to share it with others, especially with children and someone with a history of drug addiction. Overdose and misuse can cause death and severe side effects like a fast heartbeat, confusion, headache, and racing thoughts.

If you have taken MAO in the last 14 days then wait till the effect of the inhibitor gets cleared from your body. After that, you can start your medication. Tell your doctor about all your ongoing medicines. Avoid drinking alcohol and hazardous works until you know how Celexa will affect your body. Pregnant ladies should not consume this medicine and do not breastfeed while using it, it can badly affect the newborn baby. Store the medicine safely in an airtight container away from children, heat, and moisture, and make sure no one can get it.

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7 reviews for Celexa 30 mg

  1. Nick Morrission

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  4. Celia Flair

    I ordered Celexa 30 mg pills today morning only and I Got it delivered on the same evening. Thanks to NuHeals for its exclusive speed of delivery. It also took no extra charge for delivering it on the same day.

  5. John Campbell

    Celexa 30 mg was like a source of water in the desert for my aunt. She was going through severe mental depression and didn’t recover to a normal state. One of my uncle’s colleagues advised him to give her a Celexa 20 mg tab and the results were seen in 15 days. Now she is fit and fine.

  6. Johnson Charles

    The product analysis of NuHeals is the best as compared to all other pharmacy websites. It provides all the required facts and information about medicinal products in detail.

  7. Carter Perry

    My cousin went into depression and many times did some abnormal work. Consulting a doctor, I gave her Celexa 30 mg pills and you won’t believe that she is very much fit and fine now and spending a happy lifestyle.

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